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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ah, the obsession continues...

I've been such a bad crafter this summer. Seriously, I've made pretty much nothing. I haven't even WANTED to make anything. I'm not sure why, to be honest. I made tons of stuff earlier in the year, so maybe it was burnout? Who knows.

Anyway, yesterday I re-discovered one of my favorite LJ communities (even re-joined LJ so I could be a member again). It's called Crafty_Tardis, and it's full of Doctor Who themed crafts. I saw some gorgeous Ten-inspired yarn, and apparently it ignited my dormant crochet-bug.

I bought four skeins of yarn yesterday for the purpose of making Ten-inspired scarves. He wears pin-striped suits, so I'm going to attempt pin-striped scarves!

I'm planning to post instructions (and photos) here when I'm finished, so be on the lookout!!

On a side (but not completely un-related note) I saw both the Doctor Who Christmas special and Easter special yesterday. Christmas special was lovely (I kinda dig the cybermen - "DELETE!"), and Jackson Lake's son was a-freakin'-dorable! And the Doctor saving him was just awwwww-worthy. Easter special was good, as well, but I did NOT like Christina. I'm not sure why, but she bugged me. She seemed TOO "unconventional" to me. Maybe it was just me...

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