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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Be it ever so humble...

So, we have returned from R&R. It was loads of fun, and I loved every moment of it. But, however, it's always nice to come home. I came home with a LOT more stuff than I took with me, for sure. See, one of the main things to do where we vacationed was shop. And shop I did. Now, I'm not writing this post for bragging purposes, but just because I'm excited with my finds and I want to share!!

Anyway, here's the lowdown.

We went to one of the larger outlet malls Tuesday. I wanted to go to Old Navy since I've recently fallen in love with their jeans. I got a pair for $20, and a pair of khakis to wear to school as well. Yay!!

In this outlet mall, there is a store called the Cosmetics Company Store. I went in since I use Clinique skincare and makeup, and I was hoping to pick up a few good buys. I walked in, and my eyes fell on something that thrilled me to no end.


The store had MAC cosmetics! Now, I consider MAC high-end, expensive stuff, so I don't have a lot of it. In fact, I only had one tube of Dazzleglass which I purchased off Ebay since I didn't want to pay the high price for it. But everything was cheaper at this store! CheapER, at least. MAC eyeshadows are usually around $15, but at this particular store, they were about $10. Pretty nice, if you ask me! I got two eyeshadows and a lipglass that day, but I ended up going back before we left to get a few more eyeshadows and some lustreglass.
I'm loving the colors I got - they're not very bold, but they're nice muted tones that I can wear with pretty much anything.

The eyeshadow colors I got were: Pincurl (which is a violet/gray color), Grand Entrace (which is a shimmery golden color), Idol Eyes (a shimmery silver/violet), and Wintersky (which is pale pink). I saw that two of the colors are still available from MAC (Grand Entrance and Idol Eyes), but the others I believe are retired (Pincurl and Wintersky).
Like I said, I got some lip products as well. The Lipglass I got was in Cherry Blossom, which is a nice shimmery neutral pink. It's perfect for everyday, since it matches everything! The Lustreglasses I got were Ensign (a darker pink with not so much shimmer) and Hey, Sailor (a light reddish color, very pretty).

Not only did I find some great makeup deals, I found some awesome deals on books as well. I am a book fiend - I love to read and can never get enough, seriously. We went to a smallish book store while there, and as it turns out, it was nothing but Christian fiction. I've recently fallen in love with Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti, who write Christian thriller/suspense/etc, so I was hoping to find something while I was there. Weeelll....

I ended up buying a TON. Seriously. Three bags stuffed full of books. But paperbacks were only $5, and then I found two hardback for $10, so they were cheap!
I got the Circle Trilogy and Kiss, both by Dekker, for $10. An entire trilogy for $10? Yes, please.

The paperbacks I got were:
The Visitation, Monster, and The Oath by Frank Peretti. Skin, Blink of an Eye, Blessed Child, A Man Called Blessed, and Obsessed, all by Ted Dekker. I also got House, which is by Peretti and Dekker.

During our other store visits (we like bookstores, okay?) I got Uncle John's Certified Organic Bathroom Reader (I LOVE THOSE BOOKS). I also picked up a couple ghost story books as well. Daddy said I'll have plenty to do for a week, hehe :)

So, that's pretty much all I bought while I was away. Books and makeup. Fascinating, no? I did get a few more odds and ends, like some Paul McCartney CDS (I looove Macca), and a stuffed stingray (I love them!!).

Oh, nearly forgot! In one town we went to, there was a little Celtic store. I got a lovely scarf that has my family's tartan on it, which is freakin' awesome. Seriously. I also got some lovely candy from Scotland/Ireland. Mmmm. Why can't we have stuff like that over here?? :(

All in all, I had a marvelous time on my trip, and now that I have returned, I get to enjoy all the lovely things I brought home with me! :)

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