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Monday, August 3, 2009

Wishin' and hopin'

So, here I am, once again. I've had countless blogs in the past, but I never seem to keep up with them. But I shall try, try again! I like blogging, and I have plenty to blog about, that's for sure, so maybe I'll keep up with it this time! :)

Anyway, I'm sitting here at work. My summer job. It's a good job - receptionist/secretary for an insurance company. It's just now after 12pm, and I've done quite a bit today, work-wise. Of course, there's more yet that will be done, I'm sure.
I keep making stupid mistakes lately at work(like forgetting to ask someone's name, or forgetting a name). It's annoying me and I wish I could stop it.

I only have a little bit of time left here at my job. Classes start back August 21st. I'm excited, but kind of terrified. I'll be student teaching in Kindergarden. I've done well in my seated classes, and in my classroom experiences so far, so I'm hoping I'll do well in this too.
I just hope I don't end up being some colossal failure!

I'll actually have less time here than it seems, since I'm hoping to go out of town next week. Nothing is definite yet, but I'm wishin'...and hopin'...and thinkin'..

And now I'll sing that song for the rest of the day. You probably will too! You're welcome. :)

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