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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yesterday we went fishing. (We being myself, the little brother and another boy from the church).

I had forgotten how much I love fishing. I'm new to it, having only begun in July of this year, but I instantly fell in love with it. There's just something fun yet relaxing about it that makes it special.
Plus, my fishing pole is pretty snazzy (its pink and purple :D!).

I've caught maaaybe ten fish in the times I've gone. The most I've ever caught in one day has been five. They're not big fish by any means, but it still counts!! And its FUN.

Mostly we catch brim or bluegill. These two kind are most often what we get - not anything spectacular, but they're fun to catch anyway!

And then occasionally, we get a catfish. No often, but sometimes! Little brother has been trying to land a monster of a catfish for ages now, but he's had no luck. He says if he ever gets it, he's having it mounted! It's eaten about three hooks now, I think, so I'll be amazed if it's still alive.

We've also seen a yellow perch, but only once. I've heard there are bass in the lake where we fish, but I've yet to see one. Maybe someday!

The only part I don't like about fishing is when the hook gets so caught in them that you can't get it out without hurting them. I like it when we can de-hook a fish easily and toss him back to continue living his little fishy life. But sometimes the hook is in there in such a way that you just can't get it out. So we have to either cut the line and let the fish go with a new piercing, or rip the hook out. I usually prefer option 1, in that case.

Our trip Saturday has re-awakened my inner fisherwoman. I can't wait to go back!!

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