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Monday, January 25, 2010

Holy Crap I have a car!

Wow - I have to say, 2010 has gotten off to a pretty rockin' start. If only I could remember to blog more often...

I've had some camera woes at the beginning of the beloved HP camera died on New Year's Day, and so I was camera-less for about a week. I ended up buying an Olympus FE-4000, which I adored, but last night IT messed up. So back we will go for an exchange. Sigh.

Since I'm still jobless I'm having lots more time for crafty endeavours. And reading. Oh how I love reading. I just finished Looking for Alaska by John Green. I was fairly impressed with it. I wish it had had a bit less language and all, but overall it was a good book. I'm going to start Paper Towns by him at some point. I'm currently reading The Oath by Frank Peretti. I LOVE Peretti novels. They take a little bit to pick up steam, but once they I'm anxious to see how this one turns out. I'm going to read something by Ted Dekker after this, I think. I have a whole stash of books I haven't had the opportunity to read yet, but now I do, so by golly I'm going to read!

Okay, so the real reason that 2010 is officially off to a rockin' start is that I HAVE A CAR. My great-aunt offered to sell me her Volkswagon Beetle, and by a strange turn of events, it is now mine. Granted, this has put me into a bit of debt, but as I made it through school essentially debt-free, that is not a big deal. I am SO STOKED to have a car - especially one as AWESOME as this one. It has a diesel engine, so it gets awesome mileage....I can seriously hardly believe that it's mine!
Isn't she gorgeous?? I've dubbed her Grace, since she's gray-colored, and Grace is one of my many nicknames (due to my lack of the quality). I have the feeling we will have many, many great adventures together. :)

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