Orange Crush....something?

A friend of mine was describing this drink to me, and since I am all about orange sherbet and orange soda, I decided to give it a try! Here's what I did, in case you should care to try this on your own! (This is as close to actual cooking as I'll probably ever come, just so you know!)

Step One: Scoop orange sherbet into glass. I didn't measure or anything fancy. I just scooped it in until the glass was partially full. Oh, and this was the Wal-Mart brand sherbet too. I'm cheap like that.
Step Two: Pour in orange soda. I used Crush, as it's my favorite and the one my friend said to use, but I don't suppose it would really matter what brand you used. Again, I didn't measure, but just poured until the glass was full. (And I prayed I would not drop the bottle while I was pouring and trying to take a picture. That part is optional, I guess.)

Step Three: Fiiiiiiiiizzzy.
Step Four: Stick a straw in, and enjoy! :D

I have to say, it was REALLY good. Plus it was easy to make, which is awesome. I'll definitely be making this again.