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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quantum Leap

I've been watching a lot of Quantum Leap lately. We have all the seasons on DVD, and I'm working my way through them all. I LOVE this show. It's just all around great - fantastic premise, marvelous acting...

And I possibly have a teeny-tiny-super-small-okayitsreallybig-thing for Scott Bakula. Shh...

Anyway, I first saw most of the episodes a few years ago when they came on TV, and there was one episode in particular that caught my attention. It was called "Piano Man", and in it, Sam sings a song called "Somewhere in the Night". I ADORED the song but couldn't find it anywhere. I was muchly disappointed.

Fast forward to now. I'm watching the episodes, and I remember the song. I hop on iTunes and holy fish paste! There's the Quantum Leap soundtrack! For only $10!

I am in love with iTunes right about now.

Psst. Here's a video with the song I was talking about. Its not great quality, but you'll get the idea. Enjoy!!

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