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Yes, you! Stop whatever it is you're doing right now. Seriously. Just stop. Now, go here: Go on! I'll wait. ... ... ... Awesome, isn't it? I totally thought so! After spending several hours poring over the archives, I'm definitely a huge fan of that site. I have found SO many good ideas, it's kind of unbelievable. Some of my favorites are the button flower bouquet (which are SO adorable, btw), the pebble mat (still a work in progress) and the balloon bean bags (my work kids LOVE them). Hooray for cheap craftiness! :)

I'm baaack!

Soo, that thing about posting more in my blog? Yeah, I don't think I've kept up very well with it either. But I've just been so busy . I know, I know, not a good excuse. But it's true! Apart from working insane hours and in the off-hours trying to have some semblance of a decent private/social life, I've been working away on various projects. Namely, scarves! I recently found a pattern that I ADORE, and after modifying it to make it a bit more narrow, this is what I have: This is the first one I made. I used Bernat Mosaic yarn in Psychedelic to make this one. I love how the colors came's a lot brighter than it seems in this picture. Sorry for the bad quality. Anyway, everyone that has seen this scarf has LOVED it. It's soft and wears beautifully. I love it to bits. This is the second scarf. It's the same pattern, same modifications, just a different color of yarn. It's still the Bernat Mosaic. I forget what this color is called,