I'm baaack!

Soo, that thing about posting more in my blog? Yeah, I don't think I've kept up very well with it either. But I've just been so busy. I know, I know, not a good excuse. But it's true!

Apart from working insane hours and in the off-hours trying to have some semblance of a decent private/social life, I've been working away on various projects. Namely, scarves! I recently found a pattern that I ADORE, and after modifying it to make it a bit more narrow, this is what I have:

This is the first one I made. I used Bernat Mosaic yarn in Psychedelic to make this one. I love how the colors came out..it's a lot brighter than it seems in this picture. Sorry for the bad quality. Anyway, everyone that has seen this scarf has LOVED it. It's soft and wears beautifully. I love it to bits.

This is the second scarf. It's the same pattern, same modifications, just a different color of yarn. It's still the Bernat Mosaic. I forget what this color is called, though. It has lots of shades of blue, a bit of gray and some copper and brown. It's very, very pretty, just a bit more sedated than the one above. I made this one for a friend of mine, who has recently dubbed me "CQ". (It stands for Crochet Queen)

Hopefully I'll have more finished projects to share with you soon. I have piles of yarn just begging to be made into lovely things, so it's likely to happen! :)