Adventures in Pinterest - Hair Mask

Have you checked out Pinterest yet? 
If you haven't you should, because it's pretty nifty. It has pretty much anything and everything you'd ever want/need/etc. Recipes, organizational tips, ideas and really does have it all. I love the different craft ideas and such I've found on there.
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Anyway, I recently saw a pin for something called a 'hair mask'. It only had two ingredients, and seemed easy enough, so I decided to give it a try. 

Famous last words: "I saw it on Pinterest."

Here's the ingredients. Olive oil and honey. That's it. 
(and yes, the honey is upside down. That's just how I roll.)

 Three tablespoons of the oil & one tablespoon of honey was what the instructions said. So that's what I did.

 You were then supposed to heat it in the microwave for thirty seconds. I did that, and then stirred furiously. Mine still looked a bit weird so I popped it back in the microwave for about fifteen more seconds and stirred again.

This is what I ended up with..

Don't let this innocent looking stuff fool you - it smelled. Bad.
I thought the mask might smell a bit nicer, given it had honey in it, but nope. It just smelled rank.

After wetting my hair, I then applied as the directions stated.
Start at the ends, then work your way up. I just dumped the mix onto my hands and rubbed it in. Despite my best stirring efforts, the mixture didn't stay together very well, and so a lot of the honey settled at the bottom. 

And hey, did you know that when you microwave honey, it gets REALLY hot?
Now you do.
My poor hand. :(

Once you're done, wrap your hair in a shower cap/towel and let it sit for thirty minutes.
I did not have a shower cap, and I refused to coat one of our towels with this icky mess. So I used a Wal-Mart bag..

 I spent my thirty minutes catching up on a show I had recorded on my DVR, and enjoying this.

 Once the thirty minutes was up, I rinsed the mix out of my hair. It took about five rinses before it felt like it was mostly gone. Then I washed and conditioned it to get out any remnants. 
This is how it looked that night, after blow-drying it.

 And here it is the next morning, after another wash and dry (it still felt oily, hence the second washing).

Overall, I don't see any difference in my hair. At all.
I'm not sure why, either, as I followed the directions completely.

Maybe my next Pinterest adventure will be a success.


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