I Am Easily Amused

Very easily amused, it would seem. Need proof? Okay. 

You know that little voice to text feature that's on most phones now? I decided that it would be fun to sing into it and see what happened. Lucky for me I have a friend who is used to such nonsensical stuff from me, so she was my victim on the receiving end of the texts. 

Here's what went down.
Actual song lyrics are in "" followed by the phone's interpretation.

"Tonight we are young.." = hello we'll on yellow

"Some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck..." = so not to stay up cash in on my facebook

"And I was like baby, baby, baby, noo!" = then others on babe babe babe babe in no hello

"We're Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.." = which 1000 pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

At this point I realized the phone was apparently learning, and I immediately called off any further experiments. Because the last thing I need is for my smart phone to become even smarter and try to take over the world, or something.