Instagram Friday (10.26.2012)

It's Friday once more!
Which means its once again time to share my Instagram photos of the week. 

First up, it's the Palace Theatre from the Renaissance Festival!

My copper rose :)

My new bracelet from the Ren Fest.

Super Blues Brothers!
(I got this from TeeFury, which is an awesome site, in case you didn't know!)

Pepper chilling in the backseat of Vader on her epic journey to Petsmart & Petco.

Looking at some potential playmates. She was fascinated by the mice/etc, but afraid of the chinchillas. Of course, it was afraid of her as well...

Too much excitement. :P

A gift from my lovely co-worker. I love Diagnosis Murder!

Anybody want a cookie?

That's all, folks!
Check back next week for more filtery, Instagramy goodness!


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