Instagram Friday (11.02.2012)

I've been slacking on posts this week. Ack!
I actually do have stuff to post, though, believe it or not. Hopefully soon.

Anyway, until then, here's my weekly Instagram roundup! 

My hair is always awesome after a trip to the salon. Too bad I can't ever get it to look this good on my own! :P

 Saw this at Target. Apparently it's one of their brands that they sell. I found it interesting because Odin (who is the father of Thor according to Norse mythology) apparently kept two pet ravens, Huginn and Muninn, which flew across Midgard (Earth) and brought information back to Odin. So I'm assuming that's why they chose the raven as the logo, given the brand name.
And yes, I am that geeky.

Saw this at Barnes and Noble. It cracked me up.

My Bullet Bill necklace!

Hulk inspired armwarmers.

"Who's strong and brave and here to save the American way?"
Captain America inspired warmers.
(I'm planning to post more pictures/etc of these when I get the set done. Only a couple more to go!)

 Pepper apparently did not find 'Strangers on a Train' as interesting of a film as I did.

And that's all folks!
Happy Friday! :)