Instagram Friday (11.16.2012)


Happy Friday people! Let’s get right to it, shall we? :)

IMG_20121110_103715The Instagram version of the Christmas Show lights.

IMG_20121110_192025Barnabus, the Scentsy bear. He was a birthday/Christmas present from my lovely friend.

IMG_20121111_161029Pepper has this habit of “hiding” bones in the house, and naturally, we find them. She can’t ever find a spot good enough, poor thing!


Instagram versions of some Southern Christmas Show pictures.


Goofing with some monster stickers. XD

IMG_20121112_120009I have a strange, strange brother.

IMG_20121113_185306Daisy’s new sleeping arrangement.

IMG_20121113_200205I got a sonic screwdriver from my brother for my birthday!

IMG_20121114_184343My hair looks pretty amazing when I actually have the time to fix it properly.


IMG_20121115_193736It’s about that time to start up the Christmas crafts again.
Bell critter ornaments are a good place to start!

Bell critter army!

IMG_20121116_085150You cannot go to Starbucks without Instagramming it.
It’s just impossible.

IMG_20121116_141922Mmmm, Popeyes.

Looks like that’s a wrap for this week! I didn’t realize I had posted so many!
Hope you enjoyed!!


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