Instagram Friday (11.9.2012)

It's Friday again!
On a side note, can you believe we're already this far into November?!

Anyway, it's once again time for the weekly Instagram roundup!
Heeere we go!! 

Post-Halloween candy shopping. Mmmm...

Confession: I love the Lego game series. This is one of the best ones yet!!

This one is really dark, but it's Pepper enjoying her Sunday afternoon nap. 

I took this photo at 5:30am on Election Day - my earliest Instagram photo EVER!
(I was a precinct official for the election, so that's the only reason I was up so early!)

My election day outfit. It's currently my favorite outfit, because it's so comfy! 

And that's all folks!
Hope you enjoyed and check back next week for more! :)