Instagram Friday (12.07.2012)

Good grief, where has the week gone?! I swear, last time I checked it was only Wednesday!!

Anyway, it's Friday! Yay!
Time for more pictures! :)

This is Dixie, my brother & sis-in-law's cat. Apparently, she was tired?

This is my nephew, Baxter. Ain't he a cutie? :)

My Florida book came! (And so did my brother's weird screaming monkey thing.)

My favorite ornament from our tree. XD

This was SO much fun!
(More to come on this soon, I hope!)

Sock monkey hat!

Hello Kitty hat in progress.

So, I wrapped a few presents...and this isn't even all of them. I had to stop because I ran out of bags.

Pepper has grown fond of hiding cookies in my bed. This was the most recent occurrence.
Crazy dog.

Monkey parts! 

Wellll, that looks like all of them for this week! I have a backlog of photos and such I need to post, but it just didn't happen this week. Hopefully next week! 
Until then! 

Happy Friday!