Instagram Friday (12.14.2012)

 It's Friday once again! Hooray!!
I love Fridays.
Especially this particular Friday, as today is the day The Hobbit is finally out in theatres and I can go see it!
(I may or may not be a weeee bit excited about this.)

Anyway, it's time for the weekly Instagram roundup! 
Hold on, cause heeere we go...

 My festive nails. Ho ho ho!

Pepper is not quite a fan of baths.

 My attempt to make a cute-sy Christmas card using buttons.

 This is what exhaustion looks like, folks.

 Silver sparkles!

 Penguin hat in progress.

Required reading, of course. XD

Alrighty, that does appear to be the end of our Instagram roundup for the week! 
Happy Friday to you all!