Instagram Friday (12.21.2012)

Hey, wasn't the world supposed to end today?
Guess that didn't go as planned, then. 

Anyway, it's FRIDAY! Hooray!
Time for more Instagram-y goodness!

(Oh, on a side note, this Instagram privacy policy shenanigans? Insanity.)

Let's do this.

Look what arrived JUST in time to wear to see The Hobbit!
(Which is an excellent movie, in case you were wondering.)

Pepper and her Christmas present :)

New little bracelet. I've been branded. XD

I had breakfast with Cap this week. Jealous?

Rainy days and Mondays...

 'One ring to rule them all..'

 A stow-away-asaurus!?
(I love Photojojo!)

 Boy penguin.

 Girl penguin!

This was on my desk this morning when I arrived at work. I have no idea where it came from!
But: Mmmmm, chocolate...

Well, that looks like a wrap, folks!
Happy Happy Friday! :)