Office Decor Hack - Picture Presents

The office where I work was built sometime during the 1960's. The majority of the decor has remained the same since that time. 

Case in point, these photos. I hate them. With the burning of a thousand suns.

At one time, they might not have been so bad, but now they're just a faded, outdated, ugly mess. 

Anyway, last year I decided that at least for Christmas, as part of our office decor, we should turn these photos into presents!

(Excuse the terribleness of this photo)
But! Isn't it cute??

Now, in case some of you might want to do this on your own...

You will need:

One photo/frame to cover
Wrapping paper
Gift bow (optional)

Start by cutting the paper to fit your frame. You don't want to cover the entire frame, just the front, so keep that in mind as you're cutting.

Then, tape the top and bottoms of the paper down. You can trim it up so it's not quite so long (and you may have to, if you end up covering your hanger), or you can be like me and just leave it. This side won't be seen anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

Now, for the corners. See in the photo above how the left side looks much nicer? Here's how to do that.
This is what the corner will look like to begin with.

Fold the corner of the paper back, making a triangle. You may end up ripping the paper a tiny bit on the corners, but it's on the back, so it's not a huge deal if you do.

Add some tape to hold it down, and you're done!

Or, you can always do it this way...
Trim your paper so that it doesn't reach all the way to the back of the frame on the top and bottom, and then you can fold the paper onto the frame like this.

Doing it this way gives the back a bit of a cleaner look, so if you're into that sort of thing, go for it. I personally don't think it matters either way. It's still going to look like a present on the wall, no matter how to wrap it!

If you like, you can stop here, and stick your frames up on the wall.

Or, embellish however you like with bows, ribbons, whatever your heart desires. I stuck gift bows on these (I didn't have them when I took the photos, oops!)

Happy Decorating! :)