2013 - A Year of Good Things

One day while browsing Pinterest, I came across an idea I found very intriguing.

The basic idea is this:
Every time something good happens, write it down on a slip of paper. Put the slips of paper in a jar. Then, on New Year's Eve, dump out all the papers and re-visit all the good things that happened to you throughout the year. 

I thought it was a marvelous idea, and so I have decided to do it. Only with a few modifications. 

I decided that for my jar, I'm going to write down at least one good thing per day. Of course, I might write more, but I figure if I write one each day I'll at least have 365 things to read at the end of the year. 

And thus, I've dubbed the year of 2013 'The Year of Good Things', because that's the outlook and mindset I'm trying to get into. I need things to fill my jar, so I'm going to be looking for the good things in every day, no matter how small or how silly they might seem to be.
A good thing is a good thing, no matter what.

What about you? Have you started any year-long projects for 2013?