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Instagram Friday (2.22.2013)

It's Friday once more! Huzzah! Which means Instagram photo time! First up, a delicious donut. Mmmmm.... Is it me? XD The movie we failed to see, due to worsening weather conditions. We've plans to go back though, so it's all good!  The aforementioned weather conditions... Sleepy lil puppy.  Portal Companion Cube soap! Breakfast this morning: Fresh Market blueberry muffin & cappuccino. Delish.  And finally, the bustling streets outside my office. (Please note the sarcasm.) That's all for this week folks! See you next time, and HAPPY FRIDAY!

A Cloak of Crochet

I love cloaks. I'm not sure why, but I think they're beautiful.  As such, I decided to make one! After doing some scouring online for a decent pattern, I settled on this one . It was a free download from Ravelry, and was just what I was looking for. I didn't use the Homespun yarn (which the pattern called for) because I detest that yarn. Instead I used some Lion Brand Jiffy yarn from my stash, because it was similar to Homespun, but not so frustrating. I ended up buying six more skeins (I think), in order to finish the cloak. I'm not sure what I had in my stash to begin with, but I feel safe in assuming it was at least two. So all in all, I'm figuring it took around eight for the entire thing.  I used some black acrylic from my stash to do a row on the bottom as well as the trim.  I made it shorter than the original, and I left off the armholes (because of it being shorter). It is surprisingly light, and super warm. I love it to pieces!!

Instagram Friday (2.15.2013)

Ahhh, Friday. I love Friday. Let's get right to it, shall we? My new shooting gear, and my Ruger. :)   Target practice. My Fittonia (it's an exotic angel plant) that my Daddy gave me for Valentine's Day! <3 p="">  My Valentine's present to myself - ammo. Haha! And finally: I love this lil monster sticker. He makes me laugh, so I stuck him on my phone case. XD And that's all for this week! Happy Friday!!

Wordless Wednesday - Believe

Day Two Thirty-Three: 1.30.2013 , a photo by Smree on Flickr.

Instagram Friday (2.8.2013)

Well, well, lookie there. It's Friday once more!  Snuck up on me, this time!  Anyway, here's the Instagram roundup for the week!  Pepper's Pop-Tart love affair continues...    New dishcloths! Macro oatmeal deliciousness. Mr. Crow enjoying his lunch.  Coooooookiiiiiie. Valentine-y gift bags! Cupcake cuteness. And lastly, me! At six years old with a purse full of rocks, no less! And that's all folks!  Happy Friday!!

Wordless Wednesday - Lookin' Out My Back Door

As Seen on Pinterest: Photo Frame Ring Holder

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I love that there are so many fabulous ideas in one place, and I can easily spend hours looking through pins, finding ideas and things I want to try.  However, a lot of times (especially with me), whenever I attempt a Pinterest craft, it fails. And it fails miserably.  I'm happy to report, then, that I recently tried an 'As Seen on Pinterest' - and it wasn't a fail! Read on, for more! :) This photo/craft that has been floating around on Pinterest for what seems like ages. It's for a ring holder, made out of a small photo frame, and it's absolutely adorable . The pin usually says 'would be great for wedding gift' or something along those lines. One pin I read suggested that it be used to keep rings safe while doing dishes or other chores near the sink, which I thought was a great idea!  You can find the original source for the pin here . Anyway, I

Instagram Friday (2.01.2013)

Er, hi.  I have been seriously lack on posting this week. My apologies.  Anyway, I'm here now! Ready to share the weekly Instagram round up!  Pepper in one of her favorite spots. I need this. A lot.  The 'Official Blanket Tester' is back on duty. Pepper directing me on which way I should go to find Pop-Tarts. "You should totally share that Pop-Tart with me." I've been lunching with Mr. Dickens this week, and it has been most enjoyable! And that's a wrap! Happy Friday! See you next time!!