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Bofur Inspired Hat Pattern

 (Check out this handy dandy Pinterest ready graphic I made!)

In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, one of the dwarves (Bofur) wore this really, really awesome hat. 
I fell in love with it, and decided to see if I could crochet my own version of it. 

Well, first I scoured the internet, hoping for a pattern, and when I didn't find one THEN I decided to make my own. 

And since I know there are others out there who would love to have this pattern, I'm posting it here!

PLEASE NOTE: You may make items and sell them using this pattern, but PLEASE link back to the pattern and credit me as the source. It's only fair! :)

The Bofur Inspired Hat Pattern

You will need:
Red Heart Super Saver (I forgot the actual color name, but it’s brown, okay?)
Lion Brand Homespun in Edwardian

H hook, I hook


with I hook and brown yarn

Chain 5 & join with sl st

Ch 2, work 11 DC into loop, join with sl st (11)
Ch 2, work 2 DC into each st, join (22)
Ch 2, work 2 DC into next st, 1 DC into next. Repeat around & join (33)
Ch 2, work 2 DC into next st, 1 DC into next two st. Repeat around & join  (44)

Ch 2, work 2 DC into next st, 1 DC into next ten st. Repeat around & join  (48)
Ch 2, work 2 DC into next st, 1 DC into next eleven st. Repeat around & join (52)
Ch 2, work 2 DC into next st, 1 DC into next twelve st. Repeat around & join (56)
Ch 2, work 2 DC into next st, 1 DC into next thirteen st. Repeat around & join  (60)

Ch 2, 1 DC into next st, and around. Join (60)
Repeat until there are 12 rows total.


Ch 2, DC in 15 st. Ch 2, turn (15)
DC decrease, DC in next 11 st, DC decrease, ch 2, turn (13)
DC across, ch 2, turn (13)
DC decrease, DC in next 9 st, DC decrease. Ch 2, turn (11)
DC decrease, DC in next 7 st, DC decrease. Ch 2, turn (9)
DC decrease, DC in next 5 st, DC decrease. Ch 2, turn. (7)
DC decrease, DC in next 3 st, DC decrease. Ch 2, turn. (5)
DC decrease, DC in next st, DC decrease. Ch 2, turn. (3)
Decrease over three (see photos for clarification if needed)

Finish off.

For the second earflap: going across the front of the hat ( the seam from your joins will be in back, use that as your guide if needed) count off 17 st. Attach your yarn in 18th st.

Ch 2, DC in same st as join and in next 14 st. Ch 2, turn.
Repeat the steps for the first earflap.


Attach yarn to either side, next to the earflap.

Ch 2, DC in same st as join and across. Ch 2, turn (17)
DC across (17)
Repeat until there are 5 rows total.

Finish off, and weave in all ends

You should now have this!


You’re basically making this hat twice, so pretty much all you need to do is repeat the entire pattern above, only this time with your H hook and the gray yarn.

Once you’ve done that, you should have this:

Now, stuff the gray hat inside the brown one, and align it. I used stitch markers to help me keep it together while I worked.

Attach yarn at any point around the hat (I attached mine on the front flap) and SC around, working your stitches through the edges of both hats.

Work 3 st in the corners of front flap, and 3 st in the  tips of flaps.

Finish off, and weave in the ends.


Enjoy your brand new Bofur hat!


  1. Awesome hat! Thanks so much for sharing your pattern I love it:)

  2. Thank you so much for posting this pattern! Made the hat and it turned out great!!

  3. THANK YOU this is amazing! I've been looking for a pattern everywhere since a saw the movie last year. Gonna make this as soon as I get the yarn! :D

  4. I just got that brown color and it's brand name is Coffee. :)
    Can't wait to make it! I'm in love with all things LOTR/Hobbit based. :D

  5. This pattern is awesome! I'm planning to make this hat as soon as I order the yarn!

  6. How do you get the ear flaps to curl upwards?

    1. Hi there! The ear flaps will generally start to curl up on their own. All I did for mine was just sort of flip them up a bit more once they were done. It sounds complicated, but it's really not.

      Hope that helps! :)

  7. Thanks so much for the pattern! Just one question. When the pattern says to 'Repeat until there are 12 rows total', does that mean repeat 'Ch 2, 1 DC into next st, and around. Join (60)' 12 times, or 3 times so that it all adds up to 12 rows together? Sorry, I'm kinda a dummy with crochet patterns :)

    1. Hi there! You're very welcome! :)

      It's the second thing you said. You would repeat the row 3 times until it's 12 rows total from the beginning.

      Hope this helps!!

    2. Thanks. That helps a lot! :)

  8. How many balls of the two yarns did you use?
    Great Pattern!! Can't wait to go see the film in December!!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm excited about the new movie too! :D

      I used one skein of each yarn for this pattern, and had plenty left over.

  9. Found you on the crochet crowd Facebook page!
    I made this hat yesterday for a Christmas gift. I love it so much I'm making a second one tomorrow :) thanks for the clear instructions.

  10. I am very excited to make this hat for the premiere of the 3rd Hobbit movie. Thank you for making this pattern with great pictures!

    1. You're welcome! Glad you liked it. Enjoy wearing your new hat to the premiere!! :D

  11. Hello! Thanks for sharing this pattern! I have ordered the wool from the US as I live in New Zealand, and was looking at the pattern- when you DC, did you yarn over twice before inserting it into the stitch, or once? The conversion chart said US Double Crochet is different to the NZ double crochet (yarn over once). I'm a bit confused as to which one you used!!

    1. Hello there!

      The DC stitch I used is the one described here: You yarn over once before you insert into the stitch (and there are diagrams on the link I've included!).

      Hope this helps!! :)

    2. Omg thanks so much you're awesome!!

  12. Love your pattern! I've finished 'HAT' rows (so there's 12 rows total), only thing is, the hat is really short. It doesn't reach my ears, and feels like it needs an extra couple of rows. Will the ear flaps and front flap make the hat bigger as one, or do you think I should add a few rounds before adding the flaps? Thanks for the pattern! :)

    1. Oooh, yes, if it's come out short I'd recommend an extra row or two. On the one I've made, the hat reaches the top of my ears easily before the flaps are added. The flaps will help, but not very much.

      Hope this helps! And you're quite welcome!! :)

  13. I'm so ridiculously happy to have found this pattern! Unfortunately, I showed it to my kids, and now instead of making one for me, I've been lined up to make hats for them too... *sigh* Still, can't wait to get me some yarn & get started!

  14. Thanks so much for the pattern and the lovely pictures. I made the hat as a graduation present - it was a big hit! I wanted a fuzzier look to the edge and used some eyelash yarn ( Lion Brand Fun Fur "Lava") to join the inner and outer shells. It looks good, but only time will tell how well it will hold up under wear.

  15. I am the happiest little nerd in the world right now! Thank you so much for posting this!

    1. Hooray!! I'm so glad my pattern made you so happy! ^^


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