I have a few new hat patterns in the works. If I ever get some free time (ha!), I'm hoping to get them written up and photographed to share here. 

In the meantime, and while I figure out what I want to post next (it's probably going to be something about Free Comic Book Day), have a silly little story about a monster!

by Shaina

Once upon a Thursday, a little monster was minding his own business, doing monstery things when a plastic cup pinged off his head.
"Rawr?" He asked, which is monster for "say whaaat?" as he looked for the source of the flying object. He looked high and low, down and up, and saw nothing. The poor monster was so confused! He felt as though he may never find out why that cup had sailed through the air and bounced off his head.
"Rawr.." he muttered, which is monster for "alas! My life, it is full of such woe!". He stared at the cup, willing it to tell him its secrets.
It was then he noticed it.
There, on the side of the cup, was a symbol! Excited, the monster snatched up the cup and did a celebratory dance. He knew this symbol! He had seen it once before, emblazoned on a sign outside a building. He would have to return to this building, he decided, as obviously the cup came from there.
Clutching the cup tightly to his person, he set off in the general direction of the building. With any luck, he would be able to complete the journey in just a few short hours. Or days. Perhaps even a week, if he took his time. But no, no, he mustn’t do that. That would just be silly. Marching forward with renewed purpose, the monster determined that he would make it to the building on that very day.
After a journey fraught with many perils, those of which are too numerous or too disturbing to describe, the monster found himself standing beside the building that bore the symbol identical to his beloved plastic cup.
What would he do first, now that he had arrived? Should he erect a monument to the epic journey that had brought him here? Should he stand and offer a discourse on the philosophical leanings of being hit upon the head with a plastic cup?
The monster knew exactly what he would do.
With powerful strides, the monster made his way to the doors, swinging them open to allow him entrance into the establishment.
And there, he ordered himself a cheeseburger.


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