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The Day the Water Bottle Attacked

It all began like any other morning.  I grabbed a bottle of water from the shelf in the fridge, tossed it into my bag, and headed out the door to work. I gave no special thought to the water bottle, until I arrived at the office and decided to take a drink.  As soon as I pulled the bottle from the bag I knew something was amiss.  Water is not hard. This bottle was.  The entire bottle was nearly frozen solid. It must have been cold in the fridge! I shrugged it off, deciding that it would melt soon enough, and decided to open it anyway for a sip. I twisted the cap, as per the usual bottle opening methods, and was promptly rewarded with a shower of ice cold water across my lap. The floor got a bit wet too, but I must confess I was more concerned with the cold spray that had gotten on ME. I will not even begin to divulge the sounds I may or may not have emitted at this event.  At any rate, I swiftly recovered, and decided to stick the bottle into the door of the off

Man of Steel - Movie Review

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a brand new movie review from me! :) Before I go any further, let me state this loud and clear... WARNING: THIS POST MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. Now. Let's continue . Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that there is this little movie called Man of Steel that just came out today. Now, I must confess, I'm not entirely on the Superman bandwagon. I like Superman, but I just have other superheroes I like better. However, the previews for Man of Steel looked so great, I decided to give it a whirl. And I'm so glad I did!  My brother and I went to the midnight release, and it was absolutely worth the sleep deprivation. So if this review seems a bit rambly and random, I shall have to blame it on the fact that I've had a grand total of about four hours sleep. :) The movie was incredibly well crafted, superbly casted and acted, and was thoroughly enjoyable. The pacing was fantastic and kept you interested

Wordless Wednesday - Dog