Stark Industries Messenger Bag

This is actually a repost from my old version of this blog...but hey, it works right!? Right! 

I love geeky little stuff. A lot. I love messenger bags. A lot. It's even better when the two things I like a lot merge. For example, the Stark Industries messenger bag I saw over at We Love Fine Tees. However, I did not like the price.

So I did what any insane crafty minded individual would do. I promptly bellowed "I can make that!" and set out to do it. 

And I did. 

Here's what I used. 

-gray messenger bag from Target (I think it cost $14.99-$19.99)
- Tulip fabric paint ($1.50 each) in black, silver glitter and light blue
- round sponge brushes ($1 for the pack of two)
- Stark Industries logo (printed onto cardstock)
- cutting mat
- exacto knife

First, I used the mat and knife to cut out the logo to make my stencil. I actually printed this out twice, and I'm glad I did, because I goofed the first one up. Whoops! 

I used the larger of the brushes and the black to paint the front of the bag. It was messy and I loved it.

And here my pictures as to the rest of the process have...uh....vanished?

Basically, I laid the stencil on the flap of the bag and sponged the blue paint on. It took about two coats to get it nice and solid, and I did a bit of touch up work with a regular brush. Then, I added the glitter to the trim and buckles.

And now: The final product!

Isn't it awesome?!

I even dressed to match the day I took pictures, haha!! 

I think all in all, I spent under $25 to make this bag. So my version was roughly half of the inspiration bag. Not too shabby. Plus, mine is unique! 

I've had several compliments on it, and I even surprised a few folks when I told them I did the painting. Apparently, they thought it came that way. :)

I have another bag in the same style that's green. I'm thinking that it just miiight need a S.H.I.E.L.D. logo in the future. 

Hmmmmm..... ;)


  1. Not even sure if you'll ever read this considering how long its been since the post- haha, but I was considering doing something similar for a friend who's a huge fan of SHIELD. Just wondering whether the paint comes off after several washes?

    1. Hi there! I read it, and am super delayed in replying, but better late than never! Since I used fabric paint it should hold up for washing...I haven't actually washed mine as I don't use it regularly, so I can't say for certain. I would hand wash, if it were me, though! Sorry I couldn't be of more help!


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