Super Sleuth Badge

Our Vacation Bible School is this week, and the theme for this year is 'Investigation Destination'. It's a detective theme, and boy is it hard to find decorations/etc to go with it! But that's another story. 

On Sunday, I nabbed a bit of inspiration, and decided to make some detective badges for my kiddos using some stuff in my craft stash. I decided to post it here, as I figured it might help some other poor soul who is scouring the interwebs looking for detective themed crafts/etc. :)

You will need: 
- Felt (I used some from the Dollar Tree. 14 sheets for $1)
- Craft foam in yellow and orange (also from the Dollar Tree)
- Badge template (Got one off Google!)
- Pencil/Pen
- Scissors
- Glue (any glue will work, I'd think)
- Sharpie (not shown)

Use the pen/pencil (I found a pen worked best) to trace the outline of the badge template onto the foam.

Cut out the badges, and use a sharpie to write your message of choice. I went with the simple 'Super Sleuth'. Special Agent works well too!  I also included a 'badge number', which is just the month and year in number format.

Fold your felt in half to make the 'wallet'. This will help you know where to place the badge.

Spread some glue on the back and plonk it down on your felt.

 Be sure to give it some time to dry, and then you're done!

These are so easy to make. I made 14 of them in a little over an hour. And they're so CUTE! I mean just look at them!

And the kiddos loved them too. A lot.
They had a bit of trouble with 'sleuth' though, so I heard quite a few of them announcing that they were 'Super Slugs'. Close enough! ;)

Hope you enjoyed, and happy crafting! 


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