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Guitar Strap Turned Carrying Strap

As I mentioned in a previous post, earlier this year, a friend and I embarked upon our very first cruise. In preparing for that trip, I ordered the following duffel bag from Thirty-One, thinking it would make a good carry-on. I purchased it during one of their monthly specials, and procured it for a whopping $25. I thought that was a great deal. Unfortunately, the bag was ONE INCH over the requirements for carry-on luggage. I probably could have squeezed it through with no problems, but I just hated to risk it. So I'll end up using it elsewhere. I've already decided it'd make a great overnight bag, if I ever have need of one of those. At any rate, isn't it pretty!? So bright and fun! :) The one thing I did NOT realize at my time of purchase, however, was that it does not come with a carrying strap. It has handles, which you can see in the photo, but straps are sold separately. How convenient. Nevermind, I told myself, I'll ju

Wordless Wednesday - Atlantean Navigation

As Seen on Pinterest: A Pinterest Party!

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked if I'd like to come over and test out some hairstyles she'd found on Pinterest. I agreed, and it was then decided that we should cook something we'd seen on the site too, and make into a sort of 'Pinterest Party'.  We decided to make the Crescent Pizza Rolls as it seemed fun, easy and delicious. I'm not sure how many we actually ended up making, but I know we made a ton.   It was super easy too. We wrapped half a stick of mozzarella cheese with about three to four pepperonis in a crescent roll to make each one. The instructions didn't say to, but we sort of smooshed the crescent dough around the edges of the cheese so it wouldn't leak out and make a huge mess. I highly recommend doing this. I have no idea what happened here. The flash totally blew out this photo and I, for unknown reasons, did not take another. Here's our goodies in the oven! We baked them acco


It appears I haven't posted here since July. Sorry about that. So, uh...hi? The past couple months were INSANE, for a variety of (mostly good) reasons. Mostly, I was busily preparing to embark on my first ever cruise to the Bahamas!  It was SO much fun, and I'm hoping to share some photos here...eventually. I have a backlog of other stuff that needs posting too, but for now, I just wanted to pop in to say hello, that I'm not dead, and hopefully you'll see more of me soon. And also to share these beauties with you!   My local Dollar Tree has had these stickers for awhile now. They're made for scrapbooking (I think), but I love using them to make cards. I'm sure there are a thousand other things they could be used for, though! And since they're only $1 a pack, it's budget friendly too! :) Hopefully I'll have some goodies to share with you all soon, so stay tuned!