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Guitar Strap Turned Carrying Strap

As I mentioned in a previous post, earlier this year, a friend and I embarked upon our very first cruise. In preparing for that trip, I ordered the following duffel bag from Thirty-One, thinking it would make a good carry-on. I purchased it during one of their monthly specials, and procured it for a whopping $25. I thought that was a great deal. Unfortunately, the bag was ONE INCH over the requirements for carry-on luggage. I probably could have squeezed it through with no problems, but I just hated to risk it.
So I'll end up using it elsewhere. I've already decided it'd make a great overnight bag, if I ever have need of one of those.

At any rate, isn't it pretty!?

So bright and fun! :)

The one thing I did NOT realize at my time of purchase, however, was that it does not come with a carrying strap. It has handles, which you can see in the photo, but straps are sold separately. How convenient.

Nevermind, I told myself, I'll just pick one up somewhere and be done with it.

Do you know how hard those things are to find?! It's insane. Wal-Mart had a few, but none that would work with this bag. 

Then, I remembered something. Buried deep within the recesses of my craft box was something I had purchased many years ago on clearance. If memory serves me correct, I gave a whopping $4 for it.

A guitar strap!

I had originally intended to somehow turn it into a belt or something (I really can't remember!), but it ended up just languishing away in my stash. However, it was perfect for what I needed.

See? The simple addition of a keyring here....

And another keyring there...

And I have the perfect carrying strap for my bag!

The strap is completely adjustable, which means I can lengthen it to carry crossbody, or I can shorten it to just carry on one shoulder.
Sadly, I have no photos of this. Apologies. Just imagine it in your head. It's pretty awesome, I must say.

I also love how the funky pattern on the strap matches the bag just right too. I couldn't have planned it better if I tried! 

I am totally using this as my excuse for having such a substantial craft hoard too. Because you seriously just never know when you might need the very thing you're thinking of throwing away!  :)


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