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Painted Shoe Shenangians

Awhile back, I decided to customize a pair of shoes to wear to see Thor: The Dark World when it came out. I took a few photos along the way, so I could share! :) Here are the original shoes. I got them for $8. They're Converse knockoffs. I just couldn't see spending a ton of money on shoes that I could potentially mess up, haha! I wanted the shoes to be black with green and gold accents, as an homage to Loki (who is my favorite). I chose to paint the shoelace area and heels green, and use the gold on the accompanying seams.  Here's an in-progress shot... I used Tulip brand fabric paints, and very small brushes. It was painstaking work to try to keep it as neat as possible, but entirely worth it! And here's the finished shoes!  I really love how they came out. They're wonderfully unique, without being too ostentatious. I wish I could have somehow gotten the shoelace grommets gilded too, but eh. I got a bit on

Wordless Wednesday - Zzz...

My Weird Cat

I meant to have some posts ready and all for the blog this week...and promptly forgot. Whoops! In my defense, though, my birthday was this week, and so apparently I'm already forgetful in my old age.  Anyway! Until next week, when I hope to have some awesome new things to share with you all, here's a post about my cat! Daisy is my very strange 14 year old cat. One of her favorite past times is sleeping in the garage after she's eaten. There is a particular shelf that she has claimed as her own, and more often that not she can be found there. Usually on top of this box. I don't know what the appeal is about this box, but she loves it. The other morning as I was leaving to go to work, I encountered the following:   At least she's graduated to a pillow..but.... Seriously. How is that comfortable?!   I'll leave that for you all to ponder, haha! Until next time! :)

Super Simple Candle Refab

I recently gained a new coworker (who I adore), and she is very much like me in terms of wanting to decorate. As such, our office is currently bedecked in all manner of fall related goodness, including some lovely scented candles!  However, I noticed that the candles seemed rather plain and blah, so I thought it would be nice to give them a little facelift. I originally planned to use washi tape, but after I ran across some adhesive ribbon at Wal-Mart for only 97 cents, I decided to give it a whirl instead. So here's super easy candle refab to liven up those boring glass jars!  Here's what you need. A candle (or two, like we had). Adhesive ribbon Scissors AND THAT'S IT! (I told you this was going to be easy.) Take your candle... And the adhesive ribbon... And wrap a length of the ribbon around the candle so you know how much you'll need. Mark it with a pencil, or just use your fing

The Carolina Renaissance Festival (2013 Edition)

Last year was my first ever experience visiting the Carolina Renaissance Festival, and I loved it. So naturally we decided to go back again this year. I didn't take as many photos this time around, but I did get a few! I wore my crocheted cloak, since it was bitterly cold for the majority of the day. It was perfect, as it was lovely and warm, but also quite comfortable and easy to wear. Plus I had one of the shopkeepers gush over it and so I was able to share where to find the pattern/etc with her. That was fun! :) This was while we were waiting for the Moonie show to start. Moonie was a new show for this year, and I sincerely hope he comes back. His show was hysterical, and he is an amazing talent. His act was mostly juggling, with some other acrobatics worked in. The line that his sign is hanging from? He walked it while juggling flaming torches. Yeah. It was awesome. There he is! Moonie himself.  Here's a little video of part of his act. 

Wordless Wednesday - A Game of Skill

As Seen on Pinterest: Pillar of Cloud and Fire Craft

Woo hoo! It's time for another As Seen on Pinterest post!  This time, it was a cute little kids' craft to go along with the story of Moses and the Children of Israel being led through the wilderness by the pillar of cloud by day, and fire by night. It fit nicely into one of our Sunday School lessons this quarter, so we decided to give it a whirl! Here's the original pin: You'll need toilet paper tubes, construction paper, tissue paper (white and orange), scissors and tape. It's a pretty straightforward craft, really. Cut the construction paper to cover the tube and tape it down. Then cut a generous square of the tissue paper (one in each color) and use some tape to stick it to the insides of the tube. That part is a bit tricky, but with some finagling, it can be done! And that's it! Isn't it cute? The kiddos loved them too. It was so great hearing them telling others what it was and what it signified. Unt