Painted Shoe Shenangians

Awhile back, I decided to customize a pair of shoes to wear to see Thor: The Dark World when it came out. I took a few photos along the way, so I could share! :)

Here are the original shoes. I got them for $8. They're Converse knockoffs. I just couldn't see spending a ton of money on shoes that I could potentially mess up, haha!

I wanted the shoes to be black with green and gold accents, as an homage to Loki (who is my favorite). I chose to paint the shoelace area and heels green, and use the gold on the accompanying seams. 

Here's an in-progress shot...

I used Tulip brand fabric paints, and very small brushes. It was painstaking work to try to keep it as neat as possible, but entirely worth it!

And here's the finished shoes! 

I really love how they came out. They're wonderfully unique, without being too ostentatious. I wish I could have somehow gotten the shoelace grommets gilded too, but eh.

I got a bit on the rubber part of the sole, but it was easily removed, since the paint didn't stick too well to it. I got a bit on the grommets too, but it also came right off. 

Once I finished these, my cousin demanded I make her a pair, only in Thor colors. I ended up using black shoes for her (though I think navy would have worked better), and then red and silver accents.

Here's an in progress of hers...

And the final product!

I think the red could have been a shade darker, but it worked nicely. I love how it pops against the black!

We both wore our respective shoes to the movie, and had a total blast. If you haven't gone to go see Thor: TDW yet, I highly recommend you do so!

Maybe you can even paint your own pair of shoes to wear when you do! :)