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Super Simple Candle Refab

I recently gained a new coworker (who I adore), and she is very much like me in terms of wanting to decorate. As such, our office is currently bedecked in all manner of fall related goodness, including some lovely scented candles! 

However, I noticed that the candles seemed rather plain and blah, so I thought it would be nice to give them a little facelift. I originally planned to use washi tape, but after I ran across some adhesive ribbon at Wal-Mart for only 97 cents, I decided to give it a whirl instead.

So here's super easy candle refab to liven up those boring glass jars! 

Here's what you need.

A candle (or two, like we had).
Adhesive ribbon

(I told you this was going to be easy.)

Take your candle...

And the adhesive ribbon...

And wrap a length of the ribbon around the candle so you know how much you'll need.

Mark it with a pencil, or just use your fingers to hold the place like I did. Use those scissors to cut off what you just measured. Then peel the backing off your ribbon to expose the adhesive, and wrap that bad boy around your candle jar where desired. 

I wrapped mine around the bottom. It looked best there for some reason. But feel free to play around with other placements before sticking it down!

And you're done! 

See, wasn't that easy?

There was just enough in the spool to wrap both our candles, with about 3-4 inches left over.

Isn't it adorable? It's amazing how something so simple can make such a difference!
And my little scarecrow man likes it too, it seems.

I think it'd be pretty to do this on larger candles too, perhaps with different colors and such for different holidays? Oooh, the possibilities! :)



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