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A Very Doge Birthday

Saturday was my little brother, Nick's birthday, and I must say, I'm quite proud of the card I made for him, even though it was ridiculously simple. He is very big on internet memes, and so it's sort of a 'thing' between us to share the funnier ones and such. We'll even throw some of the phrases into normal conversation (if you can consider our conversations normal, that is).  One in particular we use often is the doge meme . So naturally, it seemed the perfect choice for his birthday card!  I did a quick Google Image search for the blank picture, and added the text on with Photoshop. From there, I just printed it off and stuck it onto a blank card. Super simple? You bet! But hey, it sort of fits the theme for the meme, I think.  The card got exactly the reaction I was expecting too! Nick opened it, shook his head, and just muttered ""  I'm calling it a success. XD

Winter Soldier Scarf & Semi-Pattern

Happy Friday! (And also Happy Pi Day, for those of you of the geeky persuasion!) This scarf began as one of those 'I want to make something for meeeeee' projects. I'd been buried under requests for things for others (which is nice, don't get me wrong), that it had been awhile since I was able to whip up something for myself. So one night I decided I'd stop at the store and buy myself some yarn to make myself a new scarf. Allllll for me.  I chose the colors originally thinking it would be a Thor-inspired color scheme, but once I started working I realized it was more Captain America-ish than anything. Which works just as well for me.  And so, I'm dubbing this my 'Winter Solider' scarf, in honor of the new Captain America move coming out in April! (And no, I'm not being paid to plug this movie by Marvel, I just love them is all!)   I used three colors of Caron Simply Soft Party yarn, which I'd never used before but ended up

Wordless Wednesday - Cap

(Image from ) Feature!

Do you know what happens when you don't log into your blog for some time?  I honestly thought I would log back in and see much of the same, a few hits here, a few there.... But I was wrong .  Through the power of my stats page, I found out that my Bofur Hat Pattern had been featured on! I was actually featured back in January, and I really hate I didn't notice it until recently. However, that did not make me any less excited!  Here's the link to my feature , but please peruse the other articles on the site as well. I've seen some really unique things so far!:)

A Quick Bag Revamp

Well. That break from blogging lasted a bit longer than I intended. Life got quite hectic on about the Thanksgiving/Christmas stretch of last year, and so I just set my blog aside for the time being, fully intending to return to it in January. And then January went thundering past, waving gleefully as it did so, and thus I decided that February would mark my triumphant return. And then February passed. Oops. AND SO! Now it is March, and I am finally returned! Hopefully to stay, this time. And now let's move on, shall we?  :) I don't know how any of you feel about it, but the weather this year has been insane , in my opinion. We've gone from 70 degrees one day, to snow and bitter cold the next.  At least my little snowman was cute, right? XD And while I love snow as much as the next person, I'm starting to feel the itch of spring fever. I'm ready to get my fingers into the dirt and plant things (I'm already plotting what flowers I'd l

Wordless Wednesday - Heart Avalanche