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I Broked My Car

Given that my commute to work has lengthened considerably, I have become on very good terms with my car's cruise control. It's a marvelous thing, it really is, to just switch it on, set the speed and let the car take care of at least that small portion of driving.  Imagine my surprise, however, when I pushed on the little lever to set the speed....and the entire thing just snapped! (Please ignore the condition of the floor boards. Please. ) The wires were all still attached, so technically it would still work, only I wouldn't be able to control anything using the lever. Plus, it flopped around on the steering wheel anytime I had to turn, and was really annoying.   Yep. I broked my car.  So I did what any normal (HA!) person would do. I busted out some Krazy Glue...    Because I'm kraazy!   And I glued my car back together. Ta Da! (Also, holy dusty, Batman!)   I do plan on having it repaired properly as soo

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