Goodreads and Mini Book Reviews

A friend of mine mentioned Goodreads to me last month, saying that I might enjoy it. So I decided to give it a whirl, and boy am I glad I did!

It's very much like Facebook in a lot of ways, but it's all centered around books/reading. And it's awesome. You can log books that you have read, rate them, read and write reviews, keep track of books you'd like to read, interact with others and a whole host of other things. The website is incredibly easy to use, and so is the Android app (it even has a barcode scanner for easy book lookup!).

All in all, I've loved it. If you're a dedicated bibliophile like me, it's definitely worth checking out. :)

 I mentioned that one of the options provided is the ability to write reviews on books you've read, but I recently discovered that there is even an auto-publish option so that your reviews are then posted on your blog.
(Can you see where this is going?)

I've linked my blog to my Goodreads account, so from now on, when I write any sort of review on Goodreads, it will automatically publish here. They're not likely to be very lengthy, in-depth reviews. In my experience, the "short and sweet" reviews are what I tend to gravitate towards, so that's what I'm likely to provide. Granted, this might change. Depends on how passionate I am about any given book, hahaha!

At any rate, expect to see book reviews popping up here and there as I work my way through my 'To Read' list. I recently upgraded my Nook (expect a post/review on that soon-ish, too!), and subsequently went on a free e-book download spree, so hopefully I'll have something to review soon!

One last thing - I'm going to add the Goodreads widget to my blog, so you can keep up with what I'm currently reading. If you see something you'd definitely like a review on, let me know! :)