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Review: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs My rating: 5 of 5 stars What a delightfully quirky book! I was a bit ehhhh on the photos at first, but they really did add a unique twist to the story. Can't wait to read the sequel now! View all my reviews

Review: A Warrior's Path

A Warrior's Path by Davis Ashura My rating: 5 of 5 stars Let me begin by saying that Mr. Ashura was gracious in gifting me a copy of this novel, with the only request being that I review it once I finished reading it. I have been incredibly lax in upholding my end of this bargain (so sorry!), but that all changes here and now. Right. So let's begin. I will be perfectly honest here; though the book takes off running and immediately transports the reader into the well-developed world, it took me to just under 100 pages into the story to feel like I understood enough to fully be involved in the goings-on. The world created within this novel is incredibly detailed and complex, and the cast of characters are rich and just took me a bit to catch up to them, so to speak. This is a very 'meaty' novel, and honestly the best comparison I can find for it is that it is very Tolkien-esque in it's style, given the level of detail. The h

The Spider-Man Blanket

In my last post, I detailed how I've been making blankets to donate to Hospice. I've tried to use an assortment of colors/styles/etc, to accommodate a variety of people. It's no secret that I am a huuuuuuuge nerd, and especially fond of superheroes and the like.   So naturally, when I saw this Spider-Man fleece in the remnants section of Hobby Lobby, I knew I had to get it. Not only because I liked it, but I just knew I needed to buy it. I debated keeping it for myself, at first, but then I figured someone coming through Hospice could use it more than I could. I even distinctly recall telling someone about it, telling them "You never know, someone might come through, and Spider-Man could be their very favorite. thing. ever." So I finished it up, trying to find an appropriately spiderweb-ish edging to use on it.   When I took the blanket to Hospice, the workers in the volunteer department mentioned they had a young boy that might be interested i

Blankets for Hospice

Recently, I've been making blankets to donate to the local Hospice. A lady at church (who heard me somewhat complaining that I loved making blankets but had no one to give them to) told me about it, saying that the workers would give blankets to patients as comfort items, and then it would be something for the family to keep as well, later on. I thought  it was a fantastic idea, and jumped in whole-heartedly.  I thought originally I would make just straight up crochet blankets, like this one.  While gorgeous, they are very time consuming (and unfortunately time is a precious commodity these days). I remembered seeing on a few websites things about adding crochet edging to fleece blankets, so I began looking into that as well, thinking those would be a nice way to supplement what I could crochet.  I purchased a Skip Stitch blade from (which, by the way, is completely awesome and SO worth it), obtained a stockpile of fleece, and set to work.