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Made By Smree - Now on Facebook!

I finally did it.  I finally broke down and made myself a Facebook Page . This is all part of my nefarious plan to brand myself, in a way. I've renamed my Etsy store, and have developed new packaging for my crochet goodies and such to make everything a bit more consistent. The Facebook page is all a part of this as well, and I'm looking to someday set up a functional website where people can purchase through that (as an alternative to Etsy). But all in good time. My little Facebook following is a bit small right now, but I'm hoping to grow it more as time progresses. I usually post updates as to what I'm working on/etc for now. I'm hoping to eventually post links to blog posts, especially patterns and the like.  So...if you've nothing else to do, and you'd like to.. .head on over there and give me a like ? I promise you won't regret it! :)