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The $5 Savings Plan

A new year means new goals. One of my goals for 2015? Pay off all my credit card debt!  I made pretty great progress through 2014 on paying it down, but this year is THE year it's going to be gone, gone , GONE . I saw the $5 savings plan idea floating around Pinterest (Link goes to the blog post I originally saw & pinned), and decided it might be a good way to achieve my goal a bit quicker.  Really the only rule I've set for myself as far as this plan goes is that when I find myself with a $5 bill, it HAS to be saved. No cheating. Period.  All is going well thus far (I've only saved a few, but I've only been actively doing this for a week or so now). It's almost been exciting, getting a $5 in change from somewhere and thinking "yep, this is going in my jar!" Well. I stopped at a local convenience store recently to buy a couple drinks (it's the only store around here that stocks the 20oz Sprite Zero). I was s