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The Little Things

So.  It's been awhile. I realized recently it has been over a year since I posted here, and I figured it was about time to break that silence. So, uh, hi? Did ya miss me?  I have lots of things in the works to post, and I'm excited about them, but for now, I have something simple to share. Here it is! (this isn't the best photo, forgive me!)   My Mamaw recently celebrated a birthday, and I wanted to make a little something for her. I had seen ideas on Pinterest for cute ways to give lip balm, but they were mostly for the stick kind, and all the EOS ideas I saw just weren't "right". So I came up with this. I used a flower shaped piece of craft foam, and just cut a circle out of some yellow foam for the center. I added some glitter around the edges for some pizzazz, and used a glue dot to stick the lip balm on there. Super easy and rather cute (if I do say so myself). even if it wasn't really fancy.   And she love