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Nacho Ordinary Blanket

Remember the taco fleece impulse buy I posted about? Happy taco is happy. The blanket is now finished, and so I wanted to share the final product!  I used a skip stitch blade to cut holes along the edge of the fleece, and then used some sparkly green yarn from my stash and a 7mm hook to crochet a border. (The yarn was Caron Simply Soft Party, I think.) After the beginning round, I did one round of HDC (half double crochet). Then I did a simple ruffle edging (slip stitch, chain three, slip stitch around).  I think the edging looks a bit like lettuce, which adds the perfect touch to the blanket. (and now I'm hungry. Oops?) And here's a photo of the finished blanket!  Isn't it the cutest thing ever? I'm not certain of the exact dimensions of the finished blanket. The fleece was roughly a yard and a half lengthwise, but I'm not sure of any other measurements, especially after adding the border.   But! I am extremely hap

Fake Frosted Glass

  The downtown office where I work is an old residence that was once converted into apartments, but then was converted AGAIN to become office space. The end result is unique and gives the agency more of a "homey" feel than a true business atmosphere.  Most of the individual offices have beautiful french style doors, which are great for letting in light, but pretty bad when it comes to privacy. My office is the closest to the break room area, and so anyone passing through the hall was a bit of a distraction.  I researched options online for methods to add some privacy. I knew I did not want curtains, as that would block out too much. I knew I wanted something to give a frosted look, but also something that wouldn't be permanent, in case I needed to remove it. I saw a few different ideas, but the easiest and most cost effective I saw was to use clear matte finish contact paper to create the frosted glass look. One option I saw was to use stencils

Something to Taco Bout

I stopped by my local Joann store yesterday to pick up something for a friend, and made what is possibly the best impulse buy ever. TACO FLEECE! Isn't it the cutest thing?! I bought enough to make a blanket, and I'm currently working on adding a crochet border. I'll be sure to post photos when I'm finshed!  More goodness coming, possibly tomorrow! Stay tuned! :)

DIY Makeup Remover

I love DIY projects....most of the time. Sometimes, its more of a hassle to make it yourself than to just buy it, or just plain more expensive. So I love projects that are both cost effective AND easy. Like this one! (Great segueway there, eh?) I saw a video floating around Facebook of DIY makeup remover. I wasn't keen on the ingredients of that one, so I did some Google research, and found one that you can make with only three ingredients. Most of the recipes/instructions  I found were very generic, and so I ended up making my own blend, which is what I'm sharing here. The first batch I made ended up stinging my eyes, because it was too much soap and not enough water/oil. But this new batch is perfect! Here's what you'll need:  -Baby shampoo/wash - Baby oil - Water - Cotton rounds  - Jar with lid (forgot to put the lid in the photo, oops!) I had the water on hand for a prior project, and also had the cotton round and jar already. So all

Ramune Soda

I love trying international candies. Everything I've tried just seems to taste so much better than what we have available here in the States. I'm not sure if it's that is IS better, or if it's just the factor of "oh hey, this came from England/Spain/Japan/etc". Maybe some of both?  Anyway, last year, while on vacation, I went to a store called IT'SUGAR, which, as you can probably tell by the name, sells candy/sweets. The store also sells some novelty items and such, but I can't say I've ever paid much attention to it, as I was too distracted by the candy! There was a section of the store solely for international candies, and I might have gone a little crazy. But there were jellybabies! And Mars bars! And all these other marvelous candies I'd heard of but never tried! There was also some Japanese candy, such as Hi-Chew, which I bought on a whim and ended up loving .  It wasn't until after that initial visit that I learned there were