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Review: Angel Glow Ring Hair Mask

I may have a new addiction. Korean beauty products.  And how, you might ask yourself, does a gal in rural North Carolina end up addicted to such a random thing?  I've recently gotten into watching a YouTube channel of a husband & wife who lived in Korea, and are now living in Japan. (Simon & Martina, if you're curious). She reviewed a few products by Etude House on their channel, and my interests were piqued.  I wound up buying some Etude House products from Amazon, and fell in love. THEN, I discovered that Ulta stores carry the TonyMoly brand (although its crazy expensive there), and the addiction began.  Most (not all) of the products are way cheaper on Amazon, so I highly recommend buying them there if you can. However, some things aren't available, or the shipping takes forever. But if you can find one for a good price with decent shipping - win!  On a recent shopping trip with my cousin, we visited an Ulta that had a great selection of TonyMoly pr


We ended up getting roughly nine inches of snow Friday night/Saturday morning. It was (and still is) so very beautiful...but so very cold! Sandy was having any of it, and point blank refused to go outside. Little stinker. All in all, it was a fun weekend. Finished up a crochet project I had abandoned, ate lots of delicious foods (including snow cream!), and tried out some of my Korean beauty treatments. I plan to review a few of those, so be on the lookout. There's some crochet goodness coming as well, so watch for those too. Have a great week! :)