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App Review: Clawbert

I am a huge fan of casual, cute games for my phone. Something I can simply play when I want to, to relax or de-stress, and something that I don't HAVE to log in to everyday.  Most games I've found that fit into this category are 'collection' games, where the main portion of the game is to collect X items to move on/complete the level/etc. I'm currently playing Neko Atsume (Kitty Collector), which sort of fits this idea.  Another game I tried (and ultimately lost interest in), was Kleptocats. It's produced by Hyperbeard Games, which is how I wound up finding the game I'm going to review today - Clawbert.  Clawbert is, according to the game description, a lonely claw who would like to find friends.The machine fills with a mixture of eggs, coins and gems, and you 'grab' the eggs to hatch them in order to find Clawbert friends.