App Review: Clawbert

I am a huge fan of casual, cute games for my phone. Something I can simply play when I want to, to relax or de-stress, and something that I don't HAVE to log in to everyday. 
Most games I've found that fit into this category are 'collection' games, where the main portion of the game is to collect X items to move on/complete the level/etc. I'm currently playing Neko Atsume (Kitty Collector), which sort of fits this idea. 

Another game I tried (and ultimately lost interest in), was Kleptocats. It's produced by Hyperbeard Games, which is how I wound up finding the game I'm going to review today - Clawbert. 

Clawbert is, according to the game description, a lonely claw who would like to find friends.The machine fills with a mixture of eggs, coins and gems, and you 'grab' the eggs to hatch them in order to find Clawbert friends. 

Here's what the basic gameplay screen looks like:

The controls are incredibly easy. You use your finger to manipulate the crane control until Clawbert is hovering over the item you would like to grab, and then hit the 'grab' button. Clawbert will descend (letting out a happy "WHEE!" as he does). What item you grab determines what happens next.

The eggs are placed into slots (seen in the bottom left hand corner), and will hatch in a set amount of minutes. The green eggs seen here are the basic, common eggs. There are other eggs that show at random. The other items in this set are coins and pigs (which give large amounts of coins when you tap on them after they are 'grabbed'). 

You can speed up the process of hatching the eggs using coins.

The amount varies depending on the type of egg, and sometimes even on the amount of time left on the timer. 

Eggs will either contain coins or a friend for Clawbert.

The friends are adorable, and have super cute names, too.

The machine loads a certain number of items every few hours (from what I'm able to tell), and if you clear all the items before it resets, you can either pay gems to reset it early or just wait for it to happen when the timer runs out. I wait, because I am a gem-hoarder already.

The first world has 109 friends to collect. After so many (50, I think), another world will unlock. But I prefer to try to COLLECT ALL THE THINGS before moving on.

The game allows for Clawbert to wear different hats (which you can unlock with the daily checklist tasks or purchase with gems). Some are also offered as free items using codes found on the social media sites for Clawbert (my Clawbert is wearing bunny ears I received using a code!).  These are input into the "spell word" item on the menu.

The daily checklist is various tasks to complete during the game, like "clear the machine". If you complete all the tasks you win a prize, and you also receive a prize for completing the tasks individually.

All in all, it is a super cute game, and I've been enjoying it immensely since I downloaded it. It is incredibly simple to play, which some might dislike, but it is perfect for casual play, which is exactly what I wanted. 

Clawbert is available for IOS and Android
(Click the links for the appropriate pages!) 

Give it a try, and let me know what you think! Also - do you have any similar games that you enjoy playing? Let me know in the comments!


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