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Cleveland Rocks! (and is wet!)

 I flew up to Cleveland a few weeks ago to spend some time with a friend, see the sights, and visit Cedar Point.  This photo pretty much sums up the trip.   Yes, that would be me holding my shoes underneath the hand dryers in a bathroom, in an attempt to dry them off. Fortunately, there are no photos of me holding my Pikachu socks under the dryer before this.  Seriously, y'all. SO. MUCH. RAIN. What gives, Ohio?! Okay, okay, it's not fair to blame Ohio, is it? But really. I flew up on a Wednesday, and that was the ONLY day of my trip that there was no rain.  Despite this, it was an amazing trip! Because of the rain, we ended up doing a few things that were unplanned, and re-working some things on the fly. More on this later.