Kawaii Kitty Face Bag

Apparently, when it comes to bags, I am super picky. All I want is something cute and functional that won't make my bank account cry. Is that so much to ask?!

Recently, I went on the search for a new bag, and was sorely disappointed with my options. I saw several I liked but none just seemed to be "the" bag.

I love cross body bags, and I like them to be big enough and have enough pockets to carry my stuff without being too cramped, but something TOO big.

Maybe I am just that picky. >.<

I ended up purchasing a plain black canvas bag from Walmart, and decided I would add my own flair to it, with paint or whatever struck my fancy.

Here's the original bag.

Who puts brown accents on a black bag?! Why Walmart why?!

After some debate, I decided I wanted to put a kawaii kitty face on my bag. I did some Google-fu to get some inspiration, and went to work.

I used a white crayon to sketch out the face I wanted (which was very forgiving!). I was able to erase and re-draw the lines a few times without making a mess on the bag's fabric.

I chose this paint to draw the main outline of the face.

I will DEFINITELY be buying this again! It was so easy to work with, and the color was great!

A few in-progress shots. 

I am super proud of this free handed heart. Just so you know.

For the nose and heart I used some Tulip brand fabric paint I had on hand. I mixed red and white until I got the shade I wanted and went with it.

Technically I could have stopped here, but those darn brown accents bugged me so much!

So I made a second trip to Michaels, where I had seen leather/vinyl paint. I got a bottle in a gunmetal color, and went to work on those accents.

I did them in stages, painting one side, letting it dry and then doing the other on the zipper pulls and such. More time consuming but it worked well.

Another in-progress shot.

And the final result! The accents look SO much better after being painted, don't you think?

I am incredibly pleased with how it turned out. I've been using it for several weeks now, and the paint is holding up beautifully.

Have you ever painted or modified a bag to suit you? Tell me about it in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed!


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