Super Simple Latte Hack

Do you, like me,, LOVE lattes?
Is it the taste of creamy milk coupled with delicious coffee that drags you from your slumber each morning?  Or perhaps it is the elixir of life that propels you through the second half of your day?

Do you, also like me, detest the fact that these delicious cups of magic can have SO. MANY. DANG. CALORIES?!?!?!

If any of the above applies to you (and trust me, I see you sitting there, crying into your coffee mug, commiserating with me at the unfairness of it all), then have I got some great news for you.

I have discovered a super simple, low calorie, high protein hack for lattes.  It's so easy, you're going to say "why didn't I think of this?!"  It will keep you feeling full way longer than a traditional latte (thanks to the high protein!), and it tastes amazing

For this hack, you will need only three ingredients.  That's it.  Just three.

A coffee mug/cup (for obvious reasons), a protein shake (the brand doesn't necessarily matter, this is just my favorite), and of course, coffee. You can use any type you like. I've tried this with several blends, and each one is equally delicious.  The one shown here is my favorite.

The flavor of the protein shake isn't too terribly important either.  Vanilla flavor is best since its the closest to a milk flavor, with caramel being a close second, but chocolate will also work.  Of course with chocolate you're veering more into mocha territory but...let's just keep going, shall we?

This hack works best with cold coffee (sorry, hot coffee lovers), so what I do is brew my cup the night before, and stick it in the fridge so it's nice and cold in the morning.  This also helps my hurricane style mornings go much more smoothly.
You can also brew a pot of coffee and also store it in the fridge for multiple uses, if K-cups aren't your jam.  I've done this as well!

Then, in the morning, take your nicely chilled cup of coffee, simply pour in your protein shake, stir and enjoy.
(Side note: depending on how much coffee you chose to brew, you may have to

That's it.

(Why yes, this is a different cup than what was in the previous photo. Shhhh…)

Bonus video of me pouring the shake into the coffee, as I think it's pretty.
(Don't judge me.)

And that's it!  I told you it was simple!  Now, go forth, be caffeinated and energized, all for a low calorie count with tons of protein!