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Abomination Cookies

How's quarantine and/or social distancing going, friends?  I've been spending more time at home, which has been good for my bank account (except for that whole online shopping thing).  I've spent them majority of my time reading, crocheting, catching up on my extensive Netflix list, and spending inordinate amounts of time on my Animal Crossing island.  That game is seriously addicting. One other thing I've done during my time at home is to make what my family has dubbed 'abomination cookies'.  These are essentially two/three ingredient cookies, with one of the ingredients being bananas, which my younger brother hates , hence the moniker 'abomination cookies', since he often refers to bananas as abominations.   However, these cookies are delicious  and I've made probably six batches of them so far.  We had a couple bananas that were overripe, and so I typed "what to do with overripe bananas" into Google, and this recipe  came up.   It consis