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Adventures with Coffee Jelly

I’m going to let y’all in on a secret. I love coffee . Okay, so it’s probably not THAT big of a secret, but I have seemingly developed what is probably an unhealthy obsession with coffee.  And I’m not particularly picky when it comes to type, either.  I love iced coffee, regular freshly brewed hot coffee, cold brews, lattes, flavored coffee... Told you it was an obsession. And this has been a great week for coffee lovers, what with National Coffee Day on September 29th, and International Coffee Day, which is today! While I did celebrate both days by enjoying my favorites, today I wanted to share a new coffee confection I recently experimented with.  Awhile back, I saw a video posted by some YouTubers in Japan about coffee jelly.  Apparently it is (or was, since this was some time back) a big thing overseas, and when I first saw the video and recipe, I was intrigued.  I thought I might try making it ‘one day’.   Fast forward a bit to more recently, and my finally getting around to watc