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An Honorary Reporter & Member of the K-Influencer Academy for 2021!

  Shortly after my last post, I realized I may have gotten ahead of myself a little bit.  Oops.  My last post, if you recall, was the very first article I had written and submitted as an Honorary Reporter for  But I completely forgot to mention that I had been accepted as an Honorary Reporter, much less explain any of it.   So that’s what I’m doing now! I found out about the Honorary Reporter program earlier in the year through a Facebook group for the K-Friends program I joined last year.  After doing some research into it, I applied for the program back in March, and found out I had been accepted in April.  Also around the same time, I applied to be part of the 2021 K-Influencer Academy, another program offered by, and found out I had been accepted into that as well!  But what does all of this mean ? The Honorary Reporters, to quote this article from : “consist of foreign nationals both in and out of Korea who promote Korean culture, information and e