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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Snorlax is my Spirit Animal

Remember my recent post about my Lilo cosplay? Of course you do! (and if not, click the link to go read it, haha!)

I posted a quick blurb about it on my Instagram (which you can follow if you feel so inclined), I was contacted a company called Pinwarnamir about becoming an ambassador.  

Can I just pause and say holy cow at the number of links so far in this post..?  I promise there won't be too many more!
Okay, moving on.

After a lengthy debate regarding the offer, and perusing the various wares offered by Pinwarnamir, I decided to accept and order myself a new kigurumi.  I had ordered a Pikachu one from Wish many many months ago, but as a result of my weight loss, it's now hopelessly too big.  Sad face.  Honestly, it wasn't really terrific quality to begin with, but for the price I paid, it worked well enough and I loved it.  

But it was time for an upgrade.

I decided to order a Snorlax kigurumi, since we share many of the same qualities.  Predilection for falling asleep in random, inconvenient places, waking up solely to see where I'm headed with this, right?  XD

My kigurumi came in the mail last week, and I was SO EXCITED that I literally ripped open the package and put it on right then. 

Super adorable, right?!
And then I promptly took it back off and tossed it into the washer, because it smelled pretty awful, not even lying.  A quick wash and dry later, I was back in my snuggly Snorlax kigurumi, and ready for action.  And by action I mean raiding the fridge.
Decisions, decisions...
As disappointed as I was with the quality of the Pikachu kigurumi I ordered from Wish, I was that impressed with the quality of the Snorlax one from Pinwarnamir! 

It's a wonderfully warm, soft fleece, and feels exactly like wearing the most comfortable blanket.

Even goes great with my taco cat socks!
The hood is nice and thick, and it actually stays on my head comfortably when I feel like wearing it.

While I could certainly extoll the virtues of my new Snorlax gear for quite some time, there is a very important reason I am making this post about it.  See, as part of the Pinwarnamir Ambassador program, I get a special discount code to share with my followers.  Which means...

You can have your very own Snorlax kigurumi!  Y'all, we could make an army of  What's the plural of Snorlax? Snorlaxes? Snorlaxi? >.<
Or you could choose an Espeon, or Charizard...OR you could get any of the other awesome cosplay items on their site, all at a discounted price!

Yep, you read that right.  Just use the code SMREE at checkout to receive 40% off your order.  
Easy peasy.

Be sure to tag @pinwarnamir on Instagram in your photos should you decide to purchase (and feel free to tag me as well).  I'd enjoy seeing my Snorlax army grow...but I'd enjoy seeing anything else you purchase as well! 

And in the efforts of full disclosure:  I was not paid by Pinwarnamir to post this, nor did I receive my Snorlax kigurumi for free (though I was given a discount).  However, I will receive compensation for any sales made using my code. 

Happy shopping, and happy Snorlax-ing! :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Free Pokeball Crochet Pattern

A few years ago while prepping for a local craft show, I developed this Pokeball pattern, thinking it would be popular with kids (and kids at heart).  I made a total of six for that particular show, and sold every single one of them.  They've become a stock staple now, and each time I have them at a show I sell at least a few (if not all) of them.

Not only do they sell well, they're fantastic attention grabbers too!  I typically display them in a large platter at the front of my table, and they've attracted numerous folks to my table.  I now know the favorite Pok√©mon of many children, who are excited that someone 'older' gets it.  

I have been meaning to write up this pattern into a more legible form for some time now, and finally have managed to do it.  To give you an idea as to what the original pattern looked like, which I wrote down as I was making my first ever pokeball...

Make sense to anyone else?  Or just me??  Haha!

The full pattern is available below, or you can download a free PDF copy from my Ravelry store. (While you're there, check out the other patterns I have available too!)

Monday, September 2, 2019

Cosplay on a Budget - Lilo Edition

From the time I first learned of cosplay, I have been intrigued by it.  Cosplaying is something I have wanted to do for several years, but I never truly felt comfortable enough doing so, for three main reasons.  The first reason was that I was too concerned with what others might think (more on that later on!), and the second was I was self-conscious with how I looked overall, due to my weight, to consider it 'doable'.

Before I proceed, let me pause a moment to say that I completely and fully understand that cosplay is something that ALL people, regardless of body size, age, gender, etc., etc., can participate in and enjoy if they should desire and choose to do so.  I am speaking of my own experiences and feelings. Just so we're clear!

The third, and final reason, was that everything I read about cosplay was that it was fairly expensive.  I am making strides towards being more responsible financially (which ain't easy), so the idea of spending large sums of money on cosplay items, especially if I wasn't sure if I would like it or not, seemed a bit crazy.

This is where I found myself 'stuck' for several years.  I wanted to cosplay, even toyed with some 'casual' cosplay once last year, but never really went any further than that.  However, due to my continuing self-improvement goals, and the loss of about 66 pounds overall (which I may discuss at length in another post), I finally felt comfortable and confident enough in myself to pursue a true cosplay.

My Alabama friends and I had been planning to go to Galaxycon in Raleigh over the summer, and I decided this was the perfect opportunity to debut some simple cosplays.  I chose two, Misty from Pokemon, and Lilo from Disney's Lilo and Stitch.  Both were fairly simple, easy to put together and wear, and most importantly...cost effective.

Lilo was easily my favorite of the two cosplays. and cost about $30 total to put together.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Review: Wiliam Wilde and the Necrosed

William Wilde and the Necrosed (The Chronicles of William Wilde)William Wilde and the Necrosed by Davis Ashura
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Full disclosure: I was given a copy of the ebook in exchange for a review.

Now for my thoughts.

Mr. Ashura is the master of a slow burn. In the first book of his prior series (a wicked good read, by the way), and also in this one, there is what seems to be a long buildup before any true “action”. But don’t let that discourage you - think of it like the lit fuse of a stick of dynamite. Mr. Ashura uses the time to craft his worlds and to get you invested into his characters while the fire travels along the fuse, and then BOOM. The action explodes and off you go on a wild ride with the characters you’ve grown to love. And then it doesn’t let up.

William Wilde is a spectacularly fun read, and I truly enjoyed diving into his world. Once I started the book, I had a pretty hard time putting it back down. (*shakes a proverbial fist at the author for causing my lack of sleep*). I just had to know what would happen next! It’s incredibly well balanced, melding action, adventure, magic and even a plethora of geeky references that made me grin or chuckle on more than one occasion.

I cannot wait to see where this series will go - the stage is now set, and I’m excited about what lies ahead for these new characters (and a few familiar, if different, ones).

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here impatiently waiting for June, and the next book.

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Purchase William Wilde and the Necrosed on Amazon!
(Note: I am making no money/etc off this link. I'm simply including it so you can purchase the book if you desire.)

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Goodbye, Hello

Back in March, I had to say goodbye to my sweet little dog, Pepper. She had been sick and hurting for a long time, and it was ultimately for the best, but that hardly made it easy. 

We had spent nearly fourteen years together, after all. Years.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

On Tuesdays, We Listen to Retro Blissed!

Hold on to your hats, folks, cause I'm about to blow your mind. 

Did you know that there is a WEEKLY holiday that you're missing out on?
That's right. I said a WEEKLY. HOLIDAY. 

What holiday is this, you ask? (I'm so glad you asked.)

Retro Blissed Day! And it happens every Tuesday! Isn't that amazing?!

Monday, July 31, 2017

DIY Refreshing Face Mist

A few months ago, I ventured into the world of essential oils. I ordered a starter kit from Young Living, and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the oils and all that they can do.

One of my favorite things has been incorporating the oils into my skincare routine. I've used lemon and lime essential oils in my DIY Makeup Remover - Lemon is considered to be a good astringent, and lime is said to remove dead skin cells.*

*(Please note, I'm not a dermatologist or anything, so anything I say is from my own research and information available online.)

I've also recently gotten addicted to facial mists - they're quick, refreshing, and kind of fun! And since I'm trying to use my oils and natural ingredients as much as possible, I decided to try to make my own face mist. I've made a couple different blends, but this is probably my favorite one so far. I typically use it twice a day (morning and night).