Made by Smree

A Southern Geek with a Creative Streak 

Welcome to Made by Smree

Here at Made by Smree, I offer a variety of unique handmade crochet pieces! Some works will keep you warm and cozy while adding a touch of flair, while some are designed with functionality and purpose in mind. Others are purely for fun and a touch of whimsy. Whatever it is you are looking for, Made by Smree has it! 

Feel free to take a look at my Ko-Fi shop below, where items will be posted for sale. I do welcome custom orders, so feel free to contact me if that's something you're interested in. Be sure to visit my gallery to see past custom orders, gifts, a sampling of what you may see online or in person. 

You can also follow my social media for updates as to what I am working on, what shows or events I'll be at, or just bits-and-bobs about my life as a nerdy crafter. 

I may also share cute dog photos from time to time, so there's that, too.

My Ko-Fi Shop

You can see what I have for sale on my Ko-Fi shop by clicking the photo to the left. I try to post new items often, and a good number of what I offer are one-of-a-kind, so if you see something you want, don't wait too long - It may not be there the next time you visit!

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